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a little about me...
I’m known in some circles as “dreXeL”, in others as “BabyGirl”, in others as “stylegoddess”…and to my parents and a few others as Erica. I answer to all. But if you don’t know me, dreXeL is fine.

First and foremost I am an artist.  I paint with every thinkable medium (spray paint, acrylics, oils, ink, paint markers, nail polish, glazes) on canvas, boards, and paper. Most of my paintings have 3-7 layers on them. Papers, tickets, stickers, stencils, dry mediums and wet mediums. Sometimes I paint murals on buildings. Sometimes I do illustrations with my Wacom tablet, which is one of my most valued possessions. I show my work in galleries, cafes, lounges, on websites. The plan is global art takeover. Not by me, but by all artists. We are the movement. We aren’t going to wait for some pretentious art historian to tell the world what we were about after we’re all dead, we’re going to tell YOU what we’re about NOW, while we’re all still breathing. The movement is happening now. It’s hard to see a movement while it’s occurring, but it’s not impossible. If you look, you’ll see it.

My Philosophy (Version 1.0)

1. Create what you want to aesthetically.

2. There is no wrong way to create art.  There are tricks and tips and easier ways, but experimentation is what leads to new techniques, new mediums.  So never let anyone tell you you’re painting wrong, or you’re not supposed to use that brush that way.  If it’s working for you, it’s RIGHT.

3. The world is screwed without its artists, so let’s take care of each other, help each other, and make the world a more beautiful place.  Together.

4. Turn every emotion you have into art.

5. Don’t get mad when you and other artists in your neighborhood have made the place so awesome, you can no longer afford to live there aka “gentrification”.  It’s your JOB as an artist to inject aesthetics into your community.  So when it happens, and it will, just move your ass over to a more affordable neighborhood and do it all over again.  And be proud of the fact that your work has improved the quality of life somewhere.

XO, dreXeL

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