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melancholy, originally uploaded by i am drexel.

Here is another of my pieces from the recent RAW show. this is one of my favs. i think i’ll make an iphone case out of her…

the dreXeL wall of japanophilia

_DSC0234, originally uploaded by rawartistsmedia.

This is a photo of my part of the Raw show last Thursday. More photos coming…
xoxo dreX

Last Night’s Illuminare Show!

Just recovering from all the excitement from the last few weeks of preparation, painting, etc. which all culminated in last night’s awesome show sponsored by RAW. For those of you who came, you know how much fun last night was, and thank you ALL for your continued support. For those who couldn’t make it, it was a TOTAL BLAST!

I haven’t even had a chance to post all the individual photos of my pieces etc., and I will do that first chance I get. For now, here’s a link from my artist friend, Michele Ross, who came through to show her support and took a bunch of pics! Love you, Michele!

Las Vegas Art Show!

I was invited to participate in a group show at the end of this month, sponsored by Rawartists.org!

That’s the link to get yourself a ticket or two that will go toward my overall quota of 20. I’m excited about my first Las Vegas show, and I’d LOVE to see you there! xo, dreX


SOLD, originally uploaded by i am drexel.

This is the awesome new home of one of my favorite paintings of NYC called “Still Hangin’ On” inspired by the struggle between Coney Island lovers, dwellers and staff and the developers who want to tear it all down and build condos.

I Won a Contest!

It’s been YEARS since I one something from a contest. I mean…I win $3 on scratchers sometimes, but not like a proper contest. It’s been probably about 10 years since I won a contest. So yeah this is exciting. The contest was a Threadless contest on Vecteezy.com. As a winner, I get a coupon for free stuff from Threadless and a special anniversary book they just printed! So yeah just a little news. And in case the guys from Vecteezy or Threadless see my blog, THANK YOU!!!! <3

Here’s the message I got today:

What’s Next?

24×36 Original Limited Edition print on Archival paper

I haven’t updated this blog since I moved to Las Vegas. So I imagine it’s time!

As an artist, my main mediums have been acrylics, spray paints, inks, varnishes, various ornamental papers and things I find around the house like nail polish or spices. All 3-dimensional items. The digital thing was a bit of a weakness for me, although I loved Photoshop and Corel Painter.

Somehow I’ve landed a job as a Director of Promotion and Marketing, meaning I use Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator constantly. Now I’ve got Adobe Premiere and I’ve been playing with that a lot. And after seeing “Avatar” twice (not nearly enough times I might add), I have an urge to get into motion graphics, animation and I want to get some DJ software to make my own mashups.

Seems everywhere I turn there are more tools to learn, and more avenues for my own artistic expression I want to involve myself with. I guess I’ll never be a one-medium girl. And that suits me jusssst fine.

I’ve been promising the new series of 50s Americana-inspired paintings, as well as a new line of tshirts. And they ARE coming. I’ll keep you posted.

If you happen to have any suggestions for the correct sequence of tools to learn motion graphics and creating DJ mashups, let me know. Especially tools that are awesome that don’t cost $1000+. Meanwhile, I’ll be doing my own research and testing. xoxo, dreXeL

Merry Christmas!

xmas-card-09, originally uploaded by i am drexel.

To all my family, friends, fans, colleagues, those who’ve helped me, those who I’ve helped, and everyone else not necessarily in those categories…MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and best wishes for a stellar New Year!

Featured in the House of Tate

In my gypsy-ness of moving from Brooklyn to Las Vegas and stopping in LA…for like 3 months…I’ve missed a lot. A lot of emails, a lot of things happening with friends or on the internets, and I’m just now trying to take a minute to catch up a little bit.

Apparently in August I was featured, among several artists in a webzine called “The House of Tate”. I actually didn’t even KNOW until I saw a new inbound link that I hadn’t seen before on my blog the other day. That was exciting, so I thought I’d share it with you. (Click on the image to see the webzine.)

This is the issue I'm in!

This is the issue I'm in!

Thank you SO much to The House of Tate for considering my artwork worthy. You all are the best. XO, dreXeL

PS: There’s another publication I was in as well, that I forgot to tell you about. I’ll post that one soon!

“The House Of Tate produces, edits and publishes a digital webzine for the creative arts that features an eclectic mix of art, design, sculpture, photography, fashion & architecture, indeed anything creatively stimulating. (www.thehouseoftate.com) The webzine is published bi-monthly and distributed predominantly within the Advertising, Film and Creative industries as an inspirational Creative Digest.”

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edie for alice

edie for alice, originally uploaded by i am drexel.

This is a piece I just found out I sold from the Younity “Fresher” group show this month. 🙂 I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to personally attend, because the Younity shows are always one of my favorite shows of the whole year. And it’s such an honor to be part of that collective and have the opportunity to participate in shows with so many amazing woman artists.

Some of Me Stays in Brooklyn…

My “Is This What You Want” painting is now being used on the Brooklyn Art Project’s membership signup form! That makes me extremely happy.

BAP signup form

Back story: The first thing I did when I moved to Brooklyn a few years ago was an internet search for “brooklyn + art”. What came up was BrooklynArtProject.com. It was relatively new at that time. Of COURSE I signed up IMMEDIATELY. I met the owners, Anthony and James Cospito, and we all became friends. Instantly I felt like I was part of something in Brooklyn, part of the art movement, part of a good group of creative people, and no longer some random individual trying to make something happen in NYC alone. I went to their events, met a TON of amazing new and talented friends, and was involved in several group shows with them. When I moved away a month ago, I was silently worried about not being part of BAP anymore. I tried not to think about it, but I was definitely hoping I could still figure out a way to be part of it all, and hoping that they wouldn’t forget all about me.

Since I’ve moved I’ve been invited to a show with Brooklyn Art Project as well as this new feature on their website. So I realize now that location has no effect on our relationship, except that it makes it a bit tougher for me to stop by the studio or drop off/pick up paintings. But to be honest, I’ve never been very good at those things anyway. 😉

NOTE: If you’re an artist, or you just like art, check out brooklynartproject.com. sign up, make friends, collaborate, do things and make stuff!


Upcoming Younity Show!

As you probably already know, I’m in the process of moving to Las Vegas. But that doesn’t stop me from being part of the best collective of woman artists EVER-Younity. One of the best experiences I had living in NYC was having the honor of being part of this collective with Toofly and Alice Mizrachi. And if I have my way I’ll be working with them, collaborating on projects etc. FOREVER!

That said, there’s a new Younity show coming up October 3rd. The flyers are shown below, but here are the deets:

Younity presents: “FRESHER! Spread Change Now”
Press Hour 7pm – 8pm
Opening for General Public 8pm – 10pm
7 Suffolk Street (betw. Stanton and Rivington Streets)

If you’re in the area, you should definitely come through. An entire year goes into the planning for these Younity shows. They’re ALWAYS amazing…great art, great music, a LOT of people and a ton of media coverage. Last year’s show was pretty much the event of the year. And this one will be even better.

So there’s your briefing. You feel briefed?

XO, dreX

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Vegas Baby!

Well, I’m moving to Las Vegas this week! A new chapter, a new adventure. I can’t say no to a new adventure!

I’m going to try to keep my blog updated with pictures and haps during my drive across the country as well as once I get there, finding a place to live, all of it. If you happen to live in Las Vegas, or know Las Vegas, feel free to contact me with ideas and suggestions!

So far I THINK I want to live in the Arts District…which I think is where Freemont Street is and is considered part of “downtown”. I’ve seen some crazy looking apts and condos on the internets. And the prices are good. I also keep looking at the luxury high rises, which apparently can be bought OR rented OR leased with an option to buy. I also have the option to find a room on Craigslist, or get a whole place myself and find my OWN roommate. I like having roommates.

A lot of places in Las Vegas have pools, spas and gyms I’ve noticed. Condos mostly, but also some houses. Might have to do that, since it’s a million freaking degrees out there.

Anyway here are some pictures I saw today on Craigslist. Just starting the looking process, but I’m considering getting a 2 bedroom luxury high rise condo on the strip or downtown and splitting it with someone. It will be gorgeous and most likely cheaper than what I pay now…and bigger…and a crazy awesome view. Plus they all have every amenity on earth. Anyway, it’s something I’m definitely considering and I’ll keep you posted…

XO, dreXeL

Geisha Necklace on a Live Human

Geisha necklace, originally uploaded by i am drexel

This is Robyn Pirylis, salesperson extraordinaire, wearing Missy and my collabo jewelry. Thanks for supporting the arts, Robyn. You’re the best. XO

you drink tea now

you drink tea now, originally uploaded by *version-3-point-1.

ok testing blogability from flickr again. do not be alarmed, this is only a test.

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“you drink tea now” in the UK!

you drink tea now, originally uploaded by *version-3-point-1.

(Note: I’m trying the blog feature from flickr for the first time. Let’s see how it works…)

I just found out today that an AWESOME girl in the UK heard about my new tshirt from a mutual friend (also AWESOME) named Martin. She is the first person I’m aware of that’s outside the US who has one of these tshirts. So I’m really excited about it. Just thought I’d let you know. Oh and also, she is an ace photographer and seems to have flawless taste in like…everything.

Note #2: Didn’t work. Text and links transferred, but the image didn’t. I had to removed a couple paragraphs of code that flickr put into the post. At least until I figure it out and fix it so it works correctly.

Note #3 UPDATE: the Flickr blog feature actually DID work. The reason the image didn’t transfer is because of the permissions set by the owner of the photograph. Mystery solved. Yay! Now I have a WAY quicker way to blog. That makes me happy.

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