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Art Show Pic

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This is actually the only pic I have of opening night at my show. It was taken by my friend, Jesse…the link to his gallery is above. Guess I was just too busy shmoozing to bother taking photos. Glad SOMEONE was on the ball that night. Thanks Jesse. You da bestest.

XO Erica

Sapphire Show

My upcoming solo show (and first solo show in NYC) is at a really cool lounge in the East Village called “Sapphire”. Opening is TOMORROW (eep!!!) at 7pm. Deets: 249 Eldridge St. (between Stanton and Houston), NY, NY. If you’re in the area I’d love to see you.

Peace. XO Erica

oidan fumiko

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Back from Art Basel

First of all, I’d like to say I think Miami is the most effed up city on Earth. Fashion-wise it’s ridiculous. Women there dress like really wealthy hookers in outfits so tiny you could swallow them with one sip of water. “Hi, my name is Tisha and this is my cervix.” The best way I can explain it is sparkly on the outside, dark and evil on the inside. It’s clearly a city fueled by cocaine, which explains why it’s slow during the day and amped up from about 11 pm until sunrise. So before I say anything else I’d just like to get the fashion faux pas out of the way so I can move on to the reason I went to Miami in the first place. Here you go…

breasts of basel


Ok, so that said, I had an amazing time in Miami and I’m sure I’ll never forget it. I met artists who I’ve wanted to meet for a long time. I saw old friends and made new ones. The art was fantastic. And it was everywhere. Most of the pics I’m going to show you are from the OUTSIDES of buildings, not even the exhibits! It was dizzying. “Fountain” was one of the main satellite shows during Art Basel. It’s the show I exhibited in, and the collection of artists and art on display there was unbelievable. I went there every day and saw new and inspiring things each time. And I got excited to go back there each day, too. Here are a few shots from the week…

This is Nick Kuszyk. I watched him throw this piece up in about 10 minutes. Awesome.
nick kuszyk piece

I’m sure this one took considerably longer. I must have looked at this one 30 times. It was my favorite corner of Fountain to hang out in.
nick kuszyk interior piece

This stencil was already on the wall outside Fountain when I got there. For those of you who don’t know, Blek Le Rat is basically the father of street art stencils. I didn’t get to meet him, but it was just nice knowing he was around…somewhere.
blek le rat stencil

This is Le Mac. I kept looking as close up as I could and saying “how the f*ck did he do that???” Amazing artist. Seriously amazing.
the mac

So great to finally meet Toofly and even get to see her paint live. Good times.
toofly wall

The gang.

the gang

Aight, I’ve got more pics and stories for ya, but it’s past my bedtime. You’ll just have to wait for episode 2.

xo, erica

Closing Party this Friday!

This friday, 7pm – 11 pm at Gitana Rosa Gallery, 19 Hope Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

For all of you near enough to Brooklyn to come, please do.  This is the closing party for “Callejeros”, a live exhibition featuring street artists creating eco-social/political/urban art:

*sic*, cern, ellis g., ben angotti and leif mcilwaine, dreXeL, katherine novick, narendra haynes, tom billings and robyn cleveland, zahra tangorra.

In association with GLOWLAB.

See art, meet people, drink Pernod.  Do it.

Love, dreX XO

gitana rosa gallery closing party invitation

Dumbo Arts Festival…ness

This weekend is the DUMBO arts festival and I’m actually quite excited about it. I just brought three paintings over to the studio where they’ll be on display. And I FINALLY got to meet Anthony and James Cospito, my total heroes since I’ve lived in Brooklyn. Anthony runs the Brooklyn Art Project website and the two of them together run StrutNYC and they are absolute STARS. It’s so awesome to finally meet people you’ve admired virtually.

Anyway, come to DUMBO this weekend. The streets will be full of people and art and music and love and spray cans and mayhem. No no no. It’s just an art festival. Don’t be afraid… 😉

Click the pic for deets, luv.

XO Erica

First NYC Group Show

My first group show since I moved here last spring was Friday at Gitana Rosa Gallery, 19 Hope Street in Brooklyn. It was a live exhibition featuring street artists creating eco-social/political/urban art. Some of these artists in the show are people whose work I’ve followed since moving here like Cern and Ellis G. It was amazing getting to meet them, work with them, etc.

The artists in the show were *sic*, Cern, Ellis G., Ben Angotti, Leif McIlwaine, Katherine Novick, Narendra Haynes, Tom Billings, Robin Cleveland, Zahra Tangorra and me. Zahra and I have plans to collaborate on some paintings soon, as well.

Here are a couple pics, before, during and after the show.

Me, working on my mural.

The completed BummerArmy.com anti-Hummer mural, 9′ x 12′

opening day.

Ellis G’s contribution to the street out front of the gallery. He had lots more amazing shadow drawings inside too.

the after party…Williamsburg represent…

Upcoming Shows

Just so you know, I have my first two group shows since moving to New York coming up.  The first is this Friday night.  Local artists and graffiti artists together painting walls and work also on display inside in the Gitana Rosa gallery 19 Hope Street, Brooklyn, NY  11211.  Second show is 28-30 September at the “Art Under the Bridge” festival in Dumbo (Brooklyn).  If you can make it, please do.

Here’s my newest painting.  It’s called “The Reunion”

the reunion

More news coming soon….

XO Erica

It’s happening, baby.

One week until the opening. I’ve sent out lots of invitations, but I don’t yet have internet at my new place so I know I’m missing a LOT of addresses. If you haven’t gotten an invitation, you’re STILL invited. And I’m posting the invitation here just for YOU. SO JUST COME!!!

Oh, also, I just found out from my art coordinator that my show is listed in OC Weekly.
invitation to my art show

Peace! XO Erica