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An awesome person in San Francisco that some of you, my friends, already know and love (Lawgeek), bought “Autumn” and here you can see what one of my pieces actually looks like in the context of a real live room, not just a rectangle on my blog.  These photos made my day.

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More Pieces in my Show

Since people have been having to practically jump through hoops to look at my illustrations, I’m going to make it easier for everyone. I’m posting one more here for now, and in the next week or so I will have a site just devoted to my illustrations, where people can buy them.  I’ll let you know when that’s done.   Meanwhile, here’s a taste.  Obviously they don’t look as good small and as jpgs, but at least you’ll get some idea of what is in this show. Hope you like them, and I look forward to seeing you at the opening. XO
Green Fur Socks

Green Fur Socks

Good Damn News

I haven’t written a post in freaking FOREVER. Sorry about that. So now I actually have something of value to say. Or maybe a couple somethings.

For the first time ever I am self-employed. I no longer work for someone else. This is officially my third day owning and running my very own web design company. At the moment it’s called “Caffeine” and the url is caffeinewebdesign.net. I’m looking into a couple other domains as well, and getting the site done and up as fast as possible.

Additionally, my art show that most/all of you already know about is August 1st. I’m supposed to have EVERYTHING ready today. Riiiiiight. I’m close, though. I have a few more to knock out. I guess I should post some here, since It’s been a while and I’ve done lots of new work recently. I’ll put one at the bottom of this post, k?

Third piece of excitement. Yes, it comes in PIECES. I went to Vloggercon in SF. That link shows all the amazingness that was that conference. I met such amazing people and learned a TON. And of course I came back with the best tshirts EVER, like a G4 show shirt for a brand new show called “Torrent”. I like that because like NOONE has a torrent shirt so my cool points are higher than EVER when I wear it. This weekend I’m going BACK to SF for Barcamp. So I expect to learn even more about the interweb and hang out with lots of awesome people, and most likely run into some people I already know from the LAST conference. Ok more soon… XO erica

pinup with rose censor and socks


This post has zero to do with geek OR with fashion. I just happen to have become recently addicted to THIS awesome site. I call it the Iron Chef of Illustration. They come up with the theme and you do an illustration based on the theme. So minus the 1 hour time limit and crazy factions rooting for the other guy and critical judges, it’s just like Iron Chef.

So this week’s theme was Spring and here’s my contribution.

spring airbrush watercolor illustration

one man’s monster…

makeovers of models who look perfect first thing in the morning with no makeup? where’s the challenge in that? monster makeovers is where it’s at. reach new levels of awesome…

monster makeover