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Martha Stewart-esque Holiday Goodness

I’m not quite sure what has taken over me. Maybe it’s the festive nature of NYC during the holiday season, the lights, the shopping, the snow. All I know is this year I bought a ridiculous amount of christmas presents, I made homemade christmas candy. TWICE. And now this…homemade holiday cards. This MIGHT be the first of a small series, as I already have a request for a Solstice card. We’ll see. Until then I fully intend to get as cracked out as humanly possible on peppermint bark that I made. Cheers. XO

happy holidays homemade card

Change is Good?

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about what it’s like to change your whole life, uproot, move 3000 miles away from all your family and friends and everything stable that you know. I’ve done it. It was not easy. Sometimes it still isn’t. And it can be depressing and unsettling and unstabilizing. Someone I know just moved from NY to California, and I was suddenly inspired to do this last illustration. I might do a whole series called “Change”, but for now here’s one. To Marco, don’t worry. It will get better.

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Marketing is my obsession.

I haven’t slept more than a few hours in days and days. All I can do when I’m not at work is study web-related marketing tools, plugins, strategies and read my favorite marketing-related blogs. The plan is to somehow absorb years of others’ study and research in…oh…a week or so. It’s insane, my eyes are sore, and it’s truly an impossible task. But I continue to get smarter, so I’m sure I’m on the right track. I will catch up to my heroes…eventually.

Meanwhile…here’s my most recent bleary-eyed self-portrait from about 20 minutes ago.

bleary-eyed self portrait

XHTML invalid

frustrated self-portrait, trying to get my site to validate

This is an illustration I did last night with Corel Painter IX. Pretty much just how I looked trying to get the XHTML 1.0 validator to show zero errors on my site. Yup. Still working on it. Soon perfection shall be achieved…

my first blog entry.

well here i am, trying to figure out EVERYTHING all at once. why can’t i have been BORN a standardista??? i have much to learn, many links to add, many plugins to install. how can i feel justified in sleeping when there’s so much to learn? well, i’m going to keep working this out until i can blog in my sleep. effortlessly. meanwhile, stay tuned for something actually interesting. it won’t be long, i promise. x

yup, that's me.  tubesox and all.