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One More Day…

The opening is tomorrow. I’ve gotten all the paintings done, all display tiles done, all paper work, promotion and marketing that I could possibly do done. Brandon helped me tons and will be working with me throughout the installation and hanging til the end. It’s so good to have a friend like that to help.

Oh yeah, one more thing I did. Couple days ago I made a website to go along with my BUMMER painting, since it’s become so popular. It’s BummerArmy.com. It’s far from perfect, I have more and better designs to create for the tshirts and stuff, but it’s something and I did it myself in mostly one day. So I’m kind of proud of that.

Here’s one of the stickers that I ordered and which will HOPEFULLY be here by tomorrow.

What else? I dropped my brand new camera on the porch 2 days ago and it stopped working instantly. Lucky for me I’m only a couple miles from the gigantic CANON service building place. They fixed it, replaced the motherboard and had it back to me in less than 24 hours. For FREE. Even the guy working at the counter was surprised about that. He was looking at the paperwork and did the eyebrow thing, but tried to make it look like he didn’t. And then he said “Okayyy” like he was actually confused by it. I just told him it’s the perks of stardom. No no no I said no such thing. Ok enough of this chatter, I have a show to prepare for. More soon.

XO Erica

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