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Painting Sale


I don’t have many originals left, but the ones I do are currently on sale! If you see something you want and it’s no longer available, let me know. I do commissions as well. And if you just have a cool idea or want to say hi, DO IT. I’d love to hear from you. XO, dreX


-1, originally uploaded by i am drexel.

“Buddy Holly” officially has a new and awesome 50’s style home. I couldn’t be happier!

Buddy Holly

One of the new pieces in my series of artists who died tragically before their time…
RIP Buddy.

buddy holly, originally uploaded by i am drexel.

Kurt Cobain

cobain, originally uploaded by i am drexel.


UPDATE: This painting was sold even before I finished it. I’m actually considering doing another one just for me. I truly LOVED that painting.

hendrix, originally uploaded by i am drexel.

One of my favorites in my new series of artists/musicians who died before their time. Jimi Hendrix is part of what’s known as the “27 club”, a sort of believed curse in the music industry, due to the high number of musicians who’ve died at the age of 27. I have a feeling I’m not going to sell this one. I just love it too much.


Janis Joplin, another member of the “27 Club” and one of my new paintings.

janis, originally uploaded by i am drexel.


John Lennon, mixed media on canvas. Just completed. Contains spray paint, nail polish, acrylic, ink and paint markers. To those with food allergies, this painting does NOT contain nuts, shellfish, chocolate, soy, or actually anything which could be considered “food” by anyone who is even remotely sane.

lennon, originally uploaded by i am drexel.


Nico is the oldest of all the people in this series of artists who died tragically before their time. It was just tragic to ME, I guess, because she was strung out on heroin, managed to get OFF heroin, then died shortly afterward from a brain hemorrhage. I don’t know…it kind of felt…unjust to me.

nico, originally uploaded by i am drexel.

New series “Before their Time” almost done.

I’m super excited about my new series, “Before their Time”. The ones that are done are pictured here: “Biggie”, “Jimi”, “Basquiat”, “Cobain” and a bit of “Janis” in the right corner.

Here’s a pretty lo res shot of a few of the pieces in the series.

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly is so amazing to me! I HAD to make sure to include him in this new series.

He has inspired so many millions of people and he only lived to be 22! His death by plane crash with Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper was just a huge tragedy. To lose 3 superstar musicians in an instant like that. It was before my time, but I imagine that just created a ripple of sadness through the world.

Here’s one piece for my upcoming Raw Artists Las Vegas show on Thursday. The theme of the series is “Before their Time”. If you’re in the area the show is Thursday, June 28th 8pm – midnight @ The Royal House, 99 Convention Center Drive, Las Vegas. Stop by!
XO, dreXeL

hive mind 2.0

this is my submission to the brooklyn art project/brooklyn academy of music exhibition.  the theme is “connected unconscious”.  i hope they like it.

hive mind 2.0