Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix


16″ x 36″ Mixed media on canvas

One of a series of 8 artists/musicians whose life and work affected mine in some way, and who died tragically before his/her time. I have loved Jimi Hendrix since I was a little kid. He was really in a class by himself when it came to guitar style. It came so naturally to him from such an early age, not to mention that there were very few African Americans in Rock & Roll at that time. He was special in many ways and for many reasons. To this day no one sounds like him, although many are, and will always be, inspired BY his music. So here is my homage.

Canvas Print

Jimi Stretched Canvas Print   Canvas Art By Drexel

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Framed Print

Jimi Framed Print By Drexel

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Standard Print

Jimi Print By Drexel

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Metal Print

Jimi Metal Print By Drexel

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